Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Essentials: Lawrence Chi Wai Yau aka Lawboutin

As a designer and businessman it's vital to be equipped with items which will carry you throughout the day. So here are my essentials which I would most likely take when getting down to business.

So firstly an item which I always carry on me would be my iPhone, as for many people the mobile phone has integrated into our daily lives, becoming apart of us. Another item would be my iPad which is protected by my stunning MCM case. since I go around having business meetings with my team, I always have new ideas and business plans which I like to show to my team, from this beauty is created.

On to accessories! Like most guys I am a watch fanatic. Why? Well time management of course... But also it's a key item which makes you stand out from the crowd. When meeting new people, a general gesture which people would do is shake hands. Well when shaking hands a tenancy for guys is to look down at the other persons wrist to check out what watch they have. So for me I always wear my beautiful Hublot rose gold Big Bang. Another accessory I like to wear are my black shades, only reason why I wear these is to look cool haha. My wallet is Valentino and coin purse is Louis Vuitton, to finish it all up belt is a classic fendi Belt.

On to my main body. As fashion changes ever so quickly, I like to keep to old school brands and mix it in with the new. My tee is the Rottweiler floral Givenchy 2012 collection, accompanied with my navy Bape tiger hoody. Always carrying my MCM stark backpack, making life easier for me to carry around random stuff. Sneaks are Jordan 7 bordeaux and as scent is key for everyone, the cologne I am wear right now is the Vera Wang men's, light comforting smell, not too strong but elegant.

To finish off my essentials, is my business card. Never leave without having a couple in my pocket, because you never know who you might meet when you go out. So always be prepared!

Thank you soo much for reading.
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