Monday, 11 February 2013

Luxury Noir explores En Noir!

Lately i must admit, I've been feeling for some leather pants... C'mon guys!! lets be like Ross geller from friends and whack some tight leathers on and act like we are the bomb! haha 

No but on a serious level, leather pants are making their way back on to the scene, with major influences such as Kanye, Big Sean and Jay Z himself. Many people ask what type of leather pants they are wearing and which designers they are rocking?? well to answer your question! Its not Mr Margiela, not Givenchy but En Noir. 


En Noir Red Leather Sweats. 

So yeah each leather pants are roughly priced around $1,300 which is CRAZY! but if you are crazy about fashion and been hawking over some Kanye Leathers, then its the price you pay to look good. 
Not only En Noir design their signature Leather pants but their collection range is actually really sick! With mostly religious pieces such as having the virgin Mary printed on Sweat shirts. Its really weird 2012/13 have been implementing a lot of Virgin Mary prints with En Noir and also Givenchy. But everyone has their taste! it's definitely a show stopper to have! LORD HAVE MERCY!! 
Big Sean reppin the En Noir Triumph Divine tee 2012. Price roughly $299
En Noir Virgin Mary Sweater 2012. Price Roughly $899

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  1. When you gunna start rocking the leathers then? haha