Sunday, 10 February 2013

Brands that I expect to see people will be wearing at London fashion week

•Givenchy- most likely will be the over killed designer brand that most people will be wearing. So expect lots of Rottweiler and Virgin Mary prints to be spotted.

•Kenzo- every hipsta bloggy person favourite haha well that's what I've seen anyway... Expect to see a lot of tigers around the courtyard.. Grr!!

•Chromes heart- yeah this year has been the year where everyone loves a bit of Christ in their life. Expect cross rings and accessories by chromes heart to be a popular accessory.

•Hermes- well I'm not too sure if we will see this but we will see people rocking the pyramid studded cuffs. That shit be hot and popping!!

•Celine- to me celine has always been a very elegant mature classy brand, but lately most girls I see are rocking the celine paris tees. So I'm guessing that will be another hit around lfw.

So yeah here is a list of brands in which I predict what's gonna be worn by most people. I'm not saying it's bad, but it does show how fashion has been dictated by social media what's is "cool" to wear. Honestly from my heart, fashion shouldn't be controlling you, you should control fashion! So everyone please be unique and wear whatever feels right!! There is no incorrect way of wearing things. Just be confident and explore!! Don't be a sheep be a Shepard haha

Lights out kids!


Ps happy Chinese/lunar new year my peeps!

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