Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Project: Luxury Noir Youtube Channel

Hay Guys! Haven't been on blogger for a bit due to a pile up of University work. 
I am glad to say, i have now started a new project!! Yeah!! 
I have started a new YouTube Channel which reviews latest Men's fashion. 
It will include general topics like men's latest fashion trends, lifestyle, products, designers and look-book to inspire more male audience on YouTube. Hopefully i will have a weekly guest panel which will accompany me with the reviews and will be giving our own opinions about certain fashion trends. 

So! please subscribe and support this new project!! Hopefully it will begin during May after exams are over. So please anticipate for amazing things!! 
Here is the link to my new channel:
LuxuryNoir- Men's Fashion Channel
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Thank you so much guys! 
Lights out kids! 

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