Sunday, 10 February 2013

Don't be a victim to Comme Des Fuckdown

Don't be a victim to this virus that has spread throughout fashion.. Up until this day I don't think anyone says "comme des fuckdown". Be normal and wear a beanie that isn't overplayed by your average koreaboo. Don't be like me and be a victim!! Hahaha

A suggestion could be to wear either caps designed by Stamp'd LA, their Snapbacks are nicely made, materials are high quality and worth every penny. Another cap brand would be my all time favourite Adeen, recently been seen on and Britney Spears MV scream and shout. The uniqueness of the designs are fresh and it's always a show stopper to have shark fin studs on yo cap! If you want to step up a level and get peeps asking "yo sick cap! What brand is that?" Go for OS accessories. Utilising artificial bones in their products makes it a hit for people who are unique and not afraid to be different!

Not gonna lie.. Each cap from these brands are expensive, so save up them pennies and invest in a key headwear accessory. It won't let you down!

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