Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Levi's Vintage

Haven't uploaded anything recently, due to work and also projects that i had to do lately. 
Just a quick OOTD picture, since i've been working for Levi's i've had the privilege to obtain lots of fantastic raw denim! Can't go wrong with the vintage look!
I hope you guys enjoy and please keep sharing the love to other people! means a lot! Thanks guys!
Instagram: Lawboutin
 Thanks for the support guys!
Lights out kids!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lawboutin: Outfit of the day.

Guys recently have made some purchases, and since the sun is out, i thought it was time to do an outfit of the day. 
Cap: Stampd'LA studded leopard snapback
Sunglasses: Karen Walker "Super Duper Strength"
Top: Elevenparis Jesus 00 Tee
Bottoms: Allsaint Black Gun carrot jeans
Sneaks: Patrick Ewing 33 Hi

Lights out Kids! 

Monday, 17 June 2013

London Collection Mens 2013 Kay Kwon Spring/Summer 2014

As this years London collection mens show has finally reached us, the amount of amazing new upcoming styles have astonished public and fashionista all around the world. With so many designers pouring their hard work into their collection, its safe to say they have all done a fantastic job this year! Its hard to choose which collection has caught my attention because every designer has shown something new to me, but a particular designer Kay Kwon has caught my attention the most, with his fresh minimalist details which has got my fashion tastebuds wanting more!!
Check out his collection on GQ mens, Links are down below and also few other fantastic designers who also participated in this London Collection Mens event. 

GQ Mens London Collection Mens- Kay Kwon 2014

Jay Z Magna Carta Holy Grail Samsung commercial

Advert for Jay Z upcoming album.
Was shown yesterday during the NBA finals between Miami Heats vs San Antonio Spurs.
All i have to say is "I can not wait!!" this advert has shown to me why i have a passion for music.
having people such as Timberland, Swizz Beats and the almighty Pharrell appearing in this commercial was amazing and surreal!! If you haven't seen it....Go watch it now!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Project: Luxury Noir Youtube Channel

Hay Guys! Haven't been on blogger for a bit due to a pile up of University work. 
I am glad to say, i have now started a new project!! Yeah!! 
I have started a new YouTube Channel which reviews latest Men's fashion. 
It will include general topics like men's latest fashion trends, lifestyle, products, designers and look-book to inspire more male audience on YouTube. Hopefully i will have a weekly guest panel which will accompany me with the reviews and will be giving our own opinions about certain fashion trends. 

So! please subscribe and support this new project!! Hopefully it will begin during May after exams are over. So please anticipate for amazing things!! 
Here is the link to my new channel:
LuxuryNoir- Men's Fashion Channel
P.S Please check out my girlfriend's Blog as she is doing a wonderful giveaway!! So don't miss your chance to win some fantastic amazing prizes!! The link is:

Thank you so much guys! 
Lights out kids! 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Essentials: Lawrence Chi Wai Yau aka Lawboutin

As a designer and businessman it's vital to be equipped with items which will carry you throughout the day. So here are my essentials which I would most likely take when getting down to business.

So firstly an item which I always carry on me would be my iPhone, as for many people the mobile phone has integrated into our daily lives, becoming apart of us. Another item would be my iPad which is protected by my stunning MCM case. since I go around having business meetings with my team, I always have new ideas and business plans which I like to show to my team, from this beauty is created.

On to accessories! Like most guys I am a watch fanatic. Why? Well time management of course... But also it's a key item which makes you stand out from the crowd. When meeting new people, a general gesture which people would do is shake hands. Well when shaking hands a tenancy for guys is to look down at the other persons wrist to check out what watch they have. So for me I always wear my beautiful Hublot rose gold Big Bang. Another accessory I like to wear are my black shades, only reason why I wear these is to look cool haha. My wallet is Valentino and coin purse is Louis Vuitton, to finish it all up belt is a classic fendi Belt.

On to my main body. As fashion changes ever so quickly, I like to keep to old school brands and mix it in with the new. My tee is the Rottweiler floral Givenchy 2012 collection, accompanied with my navy Bape tiger hoody. Always carrying my MCM stark backpack, making life easier for me to carry around random stuff. Sneaks are Jordan 7 bordeaux and as scent is key for everyone, the cologne I am wear right now is the Vera Wang men's, light comforting smell, not too strong but elegant.

To finish off my essentials, is my business card. Never leave without having a couple in my pocket, because you never know who you might meet when you go out. So always be prepared!

Thank you soo much for reading.
Lights out kids!


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Monday, 11 February 2013

Luxury Noir explores En Noir!

Lately i must admit, I've been feeling for some leather pants... C'mon guys!! lets be like Ross geller from friends and whack some tight leathers on and act like we are the bomb! haha 

No but on a serious level, leather pants are making their way back on to the scene, with major influences such as Kanye, Big Sean and Jay Z himself. Many people ask what type of leather pants they are wearing and which designers they are rocking?? well to answer your question! Its not Mr Margiela, not Givenchy but En Noir. 


En Noir Red Leather Sweats. 

So yeah each leather pants are roughly priced around $1,300 which is CRAZY! but if you are crazy about fashion and been hawking over some Kanye Leathers, then its the price you pay to look good. 
Not only En Noir design their signature Leather pants but their collection range is actually really sick! With mostly religious pieces such as having the virgin Mary printed on Sweat shirts. Its really weird 2012/13 have been implementing a lot of Virgin Mary prints with En Noir and also Givenchy. But everyone has their taste! it's definitely a show stopper to have! LORD HAVE MERCY!! 
Big Sean reppin the En Noir Triumph Divine tee 2012. Price roughly $299
En Noir Virgin Mary Sweater 2012. Price Roughly $899

Bon Qui Qui Spring 2013 by Alexander Wang

As you guys know i'm a huge fan of Alexander Wang! When seeing this i think my heart skipped a beat by the amazement of his collection!! Being able to see A$AP rocky do a cameo for this video was crazy as well! kudos to you A$AP! but just by seeing how designers doesn't need to be boring when showing their collection, they can bring humor to the scene and still impress people with their amazing collection... That's Fashion baby! 

Definitely check out the new Alexander Wang 2013 Spring collection! it won't let you down kids!

ps. i heard Bon Qui Qui will be appearing at Alexander Wang Fall/winter 2013 show in New York! 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Don't be a victim to Comme Des Fuckdown

Don't be a victim to this virus that has spread throughout fashion.. Up until this day I don't think anyone says "comme des fuckdown". Be normal and wear a beanie that isn't overplayed by your average koreaboo. Don't be like me and be a victim!! Hahaha

A suggestion could be to wear either caps designed by Stamp'd LA, their Snapbacks are nicely made, materials are high quality and worth every penny. Another cap brand would be my all time favourite Adeen, recently been seen on and Britney Spears MV scream and shout. The uniqueness of the designs are fresh and it's always a show stopper to have shark fin studs on yo cap! If you want to step up a level and get peeps asking "yo sick cap! What brand is that?" Go for OS accessories. Utilising artificial bones in their products makes it a hit for people who are unique and not afraid to be different!

Not gonna lie.. Each cap from these brands are expensive, so save up them pennies and invest in a key headwear accessory. It won't let you down!

Brands that I expect to see people will be wearing at London fashion week

•Givenchy- most likely will be the over killed designer brand that most people will be wearing. So expect lots of Rottweiler and Virgin Mary prints to be spotted.

•Kenzo- every hipsta bloggy person favourite haha well that's what I've seen anyway... Expect to see a lot of tigers around the courtyard.. Grr!!

•Chromes heart- yeah this year has been the year where everyone loves a bit of Christ in their life. Expect cross rings and accessories by chromes heart to be a popular accessory.

•Hermes- well I'm not too sure if we will see this but we will see people rocking the pyramid studded cuffs. That shit be hot and popping!!

•Celine- to me celine has always been a very elegant mature classy brand, but lately most girls I see are rocking the celine paris tees. So I'm guessing that will be another hit around lfw.

So yeah here is a list of brands in which I predict what's gonna be worn by most people. I'm not saying it's bad, but it does show how fashion has been dictated by social media what's is "cool" to wear. Honestly from my heart, fashion shouldn't be controlling you, you should control fashion! So everyone please be unique and wear whatever feels right!! There is no incorrect way of wearing things. Just be confident and explore!! Don't be a sheep be a Shepard haha

Lights out kids!


Ps happy Chinese/lunar new year my peeps!

At times its about "Not giving a fuck!"

 Gerosu-Gil, Seoul, 2012

When life gets hard, chill with a teddy bear.

City life for the asian boy.

View From Itaewon 2012 (Where dreams are created)

Lawboutin Presents... Pawz London!

Just Finally created professional business cards ready for London Fashion Week 2013. I can honestly say the most important thing in business is "Who you know!". It never hurts to get stuck in and gain contacts, because you never know who will be beneficial to you in the future! So its vital to always carry business cards. It's essential!!