Monday, 17 June 2013

London Collection Mens 2013 Kay Kwon Spring/Summer 2014

As this years London collection mens show has finally reached us, the amount of amazing new upcoming styles have astonished public and fashionista all around the world. With so many designers pouring their hard work into their collection, its safe to say they have all done a fantastic job this year! Its hard to choose which collection has caught my attention because every designer has shown something new to me, but a particular designer Kay Kwon has caught my attention the most, with his fresh minimalist details which has got my fashion tastebuds wanting more!!
Check out his collection on GQ mens, Links are down below and also few other fantastic designers who also participated in this London Collection Mens event. 

GQ Mens London Collection Mens- Kay Kwon 2014


  1. Love the post, Law~ so professional aha! n__n
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    1. Thank you soo much ^_^ I love doing this as a hobby :) Hopefully you can spread the word about my blog! It would be a huge help :) Thank you!! Take care!